Garden Architecture

Taking into consideration our long history, small garden architecture is relatively new to our company. During more than thirty years of working with wood we have developed our own unique style which can be seen in our work. We always try to keep to the natural proportions of all the component parts of our wooden constructions. You can judge for yourself the success of our work by looking at the photos below.

arbours and garden sheds
The need to build larger arbours and garden sheds came about when building houses made of logs. When building houses made of logs we use wide and thick elements and our customers quickly noticed that only garden architecture using similarly proportioned construction elements would be compatible with such houses. To build garden architecture constructions we usually use solid pine wood from Polish forests. Oakwood is less popular amongst clients due to its higher price, however its aesthetic and endurance value allows bigger budget for arbours or other constructions.

We also make stylish surroundings for wells...

Our other works are often a result of our clients' ideas and the creativity of the company's founder - Kazimierz Malinowski.