Our technology

We have been producing our shingle for over 30 years. The oldest shingle produced by us which covers a roof of 45-degree pitch is also 30 years old. It is guaranteed for the next 30 years

We produce cut shingles in the following dimensions:

  • Standard length - 50cm,
  • width - 8-9cm,
  • thickness 28mm

We can cover roofs with wood shingles with either single or double coverings. For 1 square meter of single covering we use ca. 45 pieces of shingles, and with a double covering ca. 60.

For roof elements such as: baskets, hips, lucarnes or windows buffalo eye shingles of wedge construction are required which are a bit longer than the standard. Construction of these specially prepared shingles makes it possible to cover quite complicated roof slopes and to fulfill architects' and clients' requirements.

We have been invariably producing our shingles of aspen and alder wood from winter felling. These types of trees have no rings (yearly growth - rings - invisible), and therefore the shingle cut from it does not absorb dampness which makes it resistant to variable weather conditions.

Our shingle is dried outside which provides favorable conditions to extract the dampness naturally. It lies outside in tops ordered in blocks for several months. Exposed to variable weather conditions it undergoes a natural selection. In this way, only the most durable pieces of shingle are used for roof coverings. Wood shingle is usually placed on a roof with a pitch not less than 45 degrees, as we believe that with each degree less, the life of the shingle is decreased by one year.

The shingle is hammered in lathes fixed on counter-lathes with stripped nails. Counter-laths enable ventilation under the laid shingle and stripped nails prevent the shingle from sticking out.